Meeting minutes, 14 Feb.

Meeting minutes from Kick-Off meeting 14 February 2014, Singapore

1) Asia Crescent

  • Chapter leads from Middle East, Asia and South Africa (?) focused on increasing our coaching practice, promoting ethical practice, collecting best practices across the countries, chapters and licensed schools.
  • Including how to leverage social media and curriculum development
  • Asia Crescent also organizes webinars where IAC global shares about the Masteries
  • Upcoming is a virtual coaching program where coaches in each country can coach each other

2) Sharing

  • Each participant was asked to pick a picture card at random and share about what the photo represented in terms of their coaching practice this past year and what, if any would they like to change or do differently
  • Another takeaway is reflecting how this exercise could be used during a coaching session e.g.. inviting the coachee to explore different perspectives.

3) How can the chapter support you

  • Share new techniques, tools, exercises for coaching
  • Review audio tapes
  • Practice triads to record audio and receive feedback on the masteries
  • Talk about coaching formats e.g.. difference between individual vs group coaching
  • Trying out a new format, tools, technique
  • Discuss business/practice development for new coaches

Next date and venue to be decided.

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