Welcome to the Singapore Chapter of the International Association of Coaching (IAC)!

The IAC was established on March 11, 2003 with its focus on the improvement of the overall coaching profession. To date, more than 13,000 coaches in over 80 countries have subscribed to our newsletter and we have more than 500 active members worldwide. 

The most successful coaches know that building a strong community is vital to a healthy and enjoyable business. With so many coaches working with clients by phone, it’s often challenging to feel connected with other coaching professionals, and stay on top of new developments in the coaching field. The many benefits of joining our Chapter include:

  • Establishing a personal and powerful way to consolidate coaching expertise, resources, knowledge, experience that benefit local coaches and their clients
  • Raising awareness of your local business and social community to the presence and benefits
  •  of coaching which in turn generates more business for members
  • Creating new opportunities for members to find referral partners, develop mentoring relationships, and enter into collaborative ventures with other coaches
  • Increasing visibility for your own business as a coaching leader
  • Developing new friendships and a strong sense of community with fellow coaches.

Jin Lee TeoWarmest regards,
Jin Lee Teo
President Singapore Chapter of IAC